Pupfluencer Program

About the program

Every pup can be a Lion and Friends influencer! Discounts start at 10% for all pupfluencers and go up to 80%, which means you get products almost for FREE. To see all our freebies, visit this page


Step 1:
Place an order for your pup!

Step 2:
Take a photo of your pup and our product. Post it on Instagram and tag @lionandfriends in the photo.

Step 3:
After the post has been up for at least 5 days, fill out this form.

Step 4:
Within 7 business days, we'll verify your order and your photo tag, then refund the individual product based on the below chart:

# of followers

Bandanas, pins, 
stickers, notebooks

Apparel, totes, mugs,
phone cases,
any personalized products
<500 30% refund 10% refund
501-1k 40% refund 15% refund
1-3k 50% refund 20% refund
3-6k 60% refund 25% refund
6-10k 70% refund 30% refund
10k+ 80% refund 35% refund



When we release NEW products, the first 5 purchases of that product are eligible for an extra 25% on top of the above chart.

  • What do you mean by an additional 10%? 
    If you are the first customer to purchase a new bandana release and you have 5k followers, you will get a 85% refund (instead of the normal 60%) when you fill out our form.
  • How do I know if I am the first 5 purchasers?
    We monitor purchases very closely on release days and take off the "New Release Special" Announcement and photo on the new product pages.
  • Any Other Questions?
    Email us at lionandfriendsco@gmail.com.



  • Can shipping or discounts be refunded?

    Shipping is not eligible for a refund, but we offer free shipping for products over $50! :) Discounts for the product will be calculated into the refund. For example, if you received 15% off 3 bandanas with code BANDANA15 for $11.05 each, you'll receive the % discount off $11.05 instead of the non-discounted price of $13. 

  • How many products can I tag in one photo to get refunded?

    We will only refund 1 product per post. If you have 2 items in the photo, we'll apply the refund to the higher priced product. 

  • If I post the item 2x in 2 separate posts, can I get an additional refund?

    Each product is only eligible for refund once.

  • Does my Instagram account have to be public?

    Nope! If your Instagram isn't public, we'll ask you to send us a screenshot of your post. 

  • When will I get my refund?

    We will process your refund within 14 business days of filling out this form.

  • What form of payment will my refund come back in?

    Your refund will be in the form of original payment on the order.

  • Any Other Questions?
    Email us at lionandfriendsco@gmail.com.
  • Every order gives back

    10% of our profits go to Hope for Paws, an amazing rescue organization. We donate quarterly.

    Trade us photos for refunds

    We'll trade you $ back for tags on Instagram! Learn more.

    More products on their way!

    New breeds and designs are coming! Have a request? Let us know.