Dog Party Pocket Notebook


A small pocket notebook to jot down notes on-the-go or stash in corners where you might need to write something down.

  • Uncoated covers give it a matte, simple finish
  • Measures 4x5.5", a perfect pocket size to fit in bags, on dressers, or inconspicuously on a desk
  • 48 pages: enough pages to hold your thoughts, but not too many that you can't finish it and move onto another design! 
  • Small grid pages makes it easy to make lists, draw tables, and keep everything in order 
  • If you go through notebooks fast or want to use them as small gifts, save 15% on a set of 3!

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    Bandana info

    We have two different types of bandanas:

    1. Cotton Blend (Pun on one side, pattern on the other. Firmer, more durable)
    2. 100% Cotton (Pattern on both sides. Softer, lighter, thinner)

    Both types of bandanas are double sided triangles and machine washable!

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    More products on their way!

    New breeds and designs are coming! Have a request? Let us know.